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I like the results of the Goolge Alert: “Social Media”, News This Alert produces a large number of diverse social media news items every day. Its fundamental value is that it provides me with an overview about what is going on in the industry. The articles can run the gamut from financial news such as […]

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I am too beautiful to be legal?

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If you are not a hard-core zombie movie lover, this movie might not be for you. If you are a hard-core zombie movie lover than you will find this one fun. First of all, there is something visceral about the idea ghost towns. Ghost towns (where everybody leaves and leaves their toys and stuff around) […]

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For managing social media updates, and for Social Media trend listening/monitoring, I like to use HootSuite.  I monitor my Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn activity and my wordpress blog using HootSuite.  You can also monitor searches, keywords (Hashtags) and lists on various platforms using HootSuite. The only social media platform that I use, that is not […]

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I like the Harvard Business Review as a source of news for my professional development. In particular I like the blogs on the Harvard Business Review. The Harvard Business Review has content about business in general and a healthy dose of social media-related articles. The blog post African lessons for the city-state of Facebook, talks […]

For social media trend listening and monitoring, I like to use Google Reader. With Google Reader, you can: organize RSS feeds into folders; quickly and easily delete articles with the wonderful  “Mark all as read” options; “star” articles to read later on; manage large quantities of articles (Google Reader provides articles as headlines in a […]

Sprite lightning is a secret fascination of mine. I had never heard of sprite lightning until relatively recently. You might enjoy looking it up.

Today, I went to Pinterest for the first time. I created a board called scary movies. Pinterest is completely addictive. I have barely gotten started on my scary movie board. The first movie I put in was the original version of The Exorcist.

When companies are trying to be people and people are trying to be companies. Mitch Joel indicates in Personal Branding R.I.P. that personal branding is ‘becoming less and less personal’. I think that this is true because of the fact that many people are commoditizing themselves using social media. Current thinking dictates that individuals (especially […]

I am new to creating a blog in As I began to explore the Dashboard menu, I clicked on Tools and found that there was a way to verify with Google that you are the owner of the blog and that you want access to the Google webmaster tools to do web analysis of […]