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I steal pets video

This is a fun video by Rachel Bloom…kind of crazy but funny. Thanks to my son for showing it to me. I try to keep in touch with what younger people are watching, if you are interested in doing that too, here is the video: Advertisements

Doggie CSI

My dogs are like serial killers of their toys. Check out the crime scene I discovered surrounding the toy monkey we gave them for Christmas. The dismembered arm The mangled body The corpse laid out

Image of hot dog man

Barbie and Hotdog Man

The first thing I noticed is that their eyes point in the same direction and they both give off a plastic, evil vibe. Would you trust this barbie? This is the first Barbie…I saw an exhibit of old Barbies in a USĀ  museum while on a business trip…trust me, she is even creepier in real […]

Image of shiny toothpaste boxes

Tina’s adventure in the grocery store

The toothpaste boxes were sooo shiny. I wish my teeth would shine as much as these boxes. Were they too shiny? Shiny toothpaste boxes background music video for your listening pleasure.

Image of flower - Stripe leaf hippeastrum

The Gorgeous Stripe Leaf Hippeastrum

I am too beautiful to be legal?

Sprite Lightning

Sprite lightning is a secret fascination of mine. I had never heard of sprite lightning until relatively recently. You might enjoy looking it up.

Image of bleeding lizard

Bleeding lizard