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Designing for Mobile devices

From a product management perspective, interaction design must create a great user experience. UX Magazine has an interesting article about some of the myths that exist around designing for mobile devices. In a nutshell the myths discussed by the author, Linda Matthews are as follows: Myth #1 – Mobile Devices are Used on the Go […]

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QR codes on headstones, RIP domains and living forever on the Internet

Twenty-three years ago, in 1989, my favourite Canadian director Atom Egoyan released a film, Speaking Parts, in which cemeteries had T.V. screens where you could watch a video of the deceased person. You could have a ‘richer user experience’ than just visiting a headstone. I remember thinking that this was a harbinger of things to […]

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“Linking to” vs. “Hosting” illegal content. Is the US going too far?

I was listening to the radio this morning and learned about Jimmy Wales‘ efforts to stop the extradition of UK citizen Richard O’Dwyer to the US to face criminal charges in relation to alleged copyright infringement. A related article “Wikipedia’s founder calls for Richard O’Dwyer extradition to be stopped“, was posted in The Guardian this […]

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2000 new domain name suffixes – not a great idea

ICANN accepts applications for over 2000 new domain name extensions (suffixes) On June 13, 2012, ICANN released information about new extensions that take the domain name space in a new direction beyond the current easily recognizable spaces such as dot-com (.com), dot-org (.org) or our beloved country code dot-ca (.ca). ICANN tried this in the […]

Social Media & Digital Storytelling – My first video

I created a short video about social media and digital storytelling. This is my first video, so I am still learning, but I think you might find it informative nonetheless.

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Honourable Mentions for Great Social Media News Sources

In previous posts, I mentioned that I like Harvard Business Review blog and a Google Alert (“Social Media”, News) as some of my favourite sources for gathering social media news. Nonetheless, I can’t resist a few honourable mentions for some other great sources: CBC’s “Under the Influence” Six Pixels of Separation Beth’s Blog Brass Tack […]

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Declaring a Google Alert as a Source

I like the results of the Goolge Alert: “Social Media”, News This Alert produces a large number of diverse social media news items every day. Its fundamental value is that it provides me with an overview about what is going on in the industry. The articles can run the gamut from financial news such as […]

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HootSuite – The Scalable Deck

For managing social media updates, and for Social Media trend listening/monitoring, I like to use HootSuite.  I monitor my Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn activity and my wordpress blog using HootSuite.  You can also monitor searches, keywords (Hashtags) and lists on various platforms using HootSuite. The only social media platform that I use, that is not […]

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I Love HBR Blogs!

I like the Harvard Business Review as a source of news for my professional development. In particular I like the blogs on the Harvard Business Review. The Harvard Business Review has content about business in general and a healthy dose of social media-related articles. The blog post African lessons for the city-state of Facebook, talks […]

Google Reader: My Lovely Utilitarian Workhorse

For social media trend listening and monitoring, I like to use Google Reader. With Google Reader, you can: organize RSS feeds into folders; quickly and easily delete articles with the wonderful  “Mark all as read” options; “star” articles to read later on; manage large quantities of articles (Google Reader provides articles as headlines in a […]