I am a writer and story-teller at heart.

I am also a senior IT professional that is passionate about UI/UX and Agile mythology. I like to help build hi-quality software, ensuring that it meets the client’s needs and has a superlative user experience. Otherwise, why bother doing it?

I am spontaneous and like random last-minute outings. I live with my wonderful family, including 2 dogs (Wolfie & Sasha) and 2 cats (Mr. Mistopoles & Coco). I also love music, singing and dabbling in painting…

I find myself living at the edge of, and keeping an eye on technology, spooky stuff and what is it like to be in a state of constant visual overload.

Why Technology?

As a convert to Agile methodologies, I like to keep abreast of how continuous improvements regarding how software is created can help me be better at my job.

I worked as a product manager at the Canadian Internet Domain Name Registry (CIRA) for 8 years. I learned to love the domain name industry and the inner workings of the Internet both technically and from a policy perspective. So, it has a special place in my heart.

I use social media and the Internet to look at, evaluate and sometimes try to make changes in the world.

Why Spooky Stuff?

I have always been fascinated by horror and mystery, and the paranormal. As I child, I would evaluate the caliber of a library by seeing how much material they had about telekinesis, ghost ships, haunted houses, the Bermuda Triangle, Witchcraft…etc. The reading of horror novels came along in my teen years, took a firm hold of me and never let me go.

The first movie that my mother saw in colour was “Horror of Dracula” with Christopher Lee. She was terrified of vampire movies after that, but she also developed an obsession with watching them. The problem was that my father worked shift work and she was too afraid to watch them alone at night. To solve this problem, when I was about 8 years old, she asked me if I would like to stay up late and watch them with her. I always agreed. Once every few months we would cozy up together and watch a good vampire movie. I felt very privileged to watch them with her. They did not scare me that way that they scared her. I found it kind of funny that after a vampire movie (and usually only after watching a vampire movie), she would crawl into bed with her rosary. This means for me that vampire movies were a happy and special experience. It was special “Mom and Me” time.

Why Visual Overload?

There was a time in my life, where I went into complete media overload. This was in my 20’s. I got rid of my T.V., didn’t look at or read magazines or newspapers for more than 7 years. In fact during that time, I went to Lesotho, Africa. Not only did I not ingest mass media, I also did not even have electricity. It is very interesting to live without electricity. My sleep hygiene was excellent. Even though I have been a life-long insomniac, it became very difficult for me to stay up late. I got up when the sun rose. It was wonderful.

I still get media overload, and now, due to the Internet, the smorgasbord of images that you might encounter in a day has grown exponentially. Visual Overload is a place where I share images that tend to make me feel overloaded. The posting of them works as a pressure release valve.

Why Living at the Legal Limit?

In fact, I do live near the legal limit of the number of animals that you can live with in a residential home in Ottawa.

I propose that the idea of barely feeling that you can keep up with the pace of life (just like I can barely keep up with my pets) is a challenge that resonates with others. The speed of social media, the Internet, changing technology is part of that accelerated life.  I want my blog to be helpful, fun and edgy, but never over the edge as I see it. “Living at the legal limit” is a blog about how I cope with the pace of life….coping by learning and having fun.

The motley animal crew is as follows:

Our oldest dog, Wolfie



  1. Hi Tina: Love your menagerie! You can almost tell their personalities from the photos! Siamese- I’m the boss. Persian – I’m so beautiful! Your black and tan pooch – Please love me! The shepherd – I’m just guarding the bag, m’am. The golden – I wuv you and will follow you to the ends of the earth! Really enjoyed the ‘Barbie’ and hot dog as well…just plain weird! I rarely add anything to my blog as you can tell!!!

    1. Hi Sheryl, Thanks for loving my menagerie. They really do have their own personalities and you nailed them. You appear to have had a blog before the course though…so that is good. I am trying to blog regularly. I am overdue again though. Hope you are well.

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