I am a writer and storyteller at heart.

I am also a senior IT professional that is passionate about UI/UX and Agile mythology. I like to help build hi-quality software that meets the client’s needs and that has a superlative user experience. Otherwise, why bother doing it?

I am spontaneous and like random last-minute outings. I live with my wonderful family, including 2 dogs (Wolfie & Sasha) and 2 cats (Mr. Mistopoles & Coco). I also love music, singing and dabbling in painting…

The motley animal crew is as follows:

Our oldest dog, Wolfie








  1. Hi Tina: Love your menagerie! You can almost tell their personalities from the photos! Siamese- I’m the boss. Persian – I’m so beautiful! Your black and tan pooch – Please love me! The shepherd – I’m just guarding the bag, m’am. The golden – I wuv you and will follow you to the ends of the earth! Really enjoyed the ‘Barbie’ and hot dog as well…just plain weird! I rarely add anything to my blog as you can tell!!!

    1. Hi Sheryl, Thanks for loving my menagerie. They really do have their own personalities and you nailed them. You appear to have had a blog before the course though…so that is good. I am trying to blog regularly. I am overdue again though. Hope you are well.

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