Designing for Mobile devices

Photo of mobile devices

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From a product management perspective, interaction design must create a great user experience. UX Magazine has an interesting article about some of the myths that exist around designing for mobile devices.

In a nutshell the myths discussed by the author, Linda Matthews are as follows:

Myth #1 – Mobile Devices are Used on the Go

It turns out that people spend more time on their mobile devices at home.

Myth #2 – Only Mobile Users are Distracted

People are distracted when using all kinds of different devices.

Myth #3 – Mobile Should Support a Pared-Down Set of Tasks

Users want to do as much as they can with their mobile devices. I certainly feel this way, when I only have very limited options presented to me on my smartphone and I know that the website has more functionality.

Myth #4  – Users are all Thumbs

Tablet users are not limited to their thumbs the way some smartphone users are. The article has some great photos of people using their mobile devices. Observation is a good thing.

Myth # 5  – Mobile has Matured

My dad called me recently, because he couldn’t find the print button on his browser. He had no idea what the following symbol meant:


Myth #6  – Mobile is Different

This is what the author says about this:

Too often we seem to be treating mobile design as if it were a desert island or some unknown void. It shouldn’t be: the people using mobile devices are the same ones using PC’s and laptops. More importantly, they are using them for generally the same reasons and to achieve the same goals. Our guiding principles of product design never change:

  • Listen to and observe what the users are doing
  • Anticipate their needs
  • Design for their reality
  • Aim to delight

Smart lady that Linda Matthews.


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