QR codes on headstones, RIP domains and living forever on the Internet

Twenty-three years ago, in 1989, my favourite Canadian director Atom Egoyan released a film, Speaking Parts, in which cemeteries had T.V. screens where you could watch a video of the deceased person. You could have a ‘richer user experience’ than just visiting a headstone. I remember thinking that this was a harbinger of things to come.

I was right. Today, I found the article “Finally you can have a QR code on your headstone“. If I were to put a QR code on my headstone, in the near future I could also be linking it to a dot-RIP (Rest In Peace) domain name. According to the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa-based Momentous corp. has, along with other competitors, applied to ICANN to manage the dot-RIP registry and sell dot-RIP domain names. And it is no wonder that other companies are competing for the same name, there is a lot of potential to sell these domain names to businesses that want to protect their trademarked names. Although some people might register an RIP domain name for its intended purpose of memorializing a love one, I am sure the McDonald’s will probably not want “http://www.mcdonalds.rip” to get into someone else’s hands. Worse than that, among others, Momentous Corp. has also applied to be the registry for and sell dot-sucks domain names. Many registrations of this domain extension would also be registered for trademark protection reasons. McDonalds would be even more likely to register “http://www.mcdonalds.sucks” to keep it out of the hands of others.

But I digress. The main thing is that in the future, even though it kind of sucks to be dead, I can at least have a QR code on my headstone that will be able to be linked to “http://www.tinasollows.rip” and thereby live forever, in the ghost town of un-findable (by Google) links on the Internet.

Image of headstone with QR code

Photo (benchilada)


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