Google Reader: My Lovely Utilitarian Workhorse

Image of merry go round horses

Photo: west.m

For social media trend listening and monitoring, I like to use Google Reader. With Google Reader, you can:

  • organize RSS feeds into folders;
  • quickly and easily delete articles with the wonderful  “Mark all as read” options;
  • “star” articles to read later on;
  • manage large quantities of articles (Google Reader provides articles as headlines in a list format).

My FAVOURITE thing though, is that you can send Google Alerts to your Google reader rather than to your email address. This is a great way to de-clutter your email in-box.

I like Google Reader better than tools like Netvibes or Flipboard which are more graphic, because it is basic and utilitarian and gets the job done efficiently.  It makes it easy for me to view and work with all the data I subscribe to.  I do not own a tablet or cell phone, so I always access my news on my laptop. If I did access the news using a tablet or a cell phone, I would check out the user experience for some of the following alternatives:

What is your favorite social media tool for reading news? If you use a tablet or smart phone, what tool do you prefer on to view news on when using a mobile device? If I were to buy a smart phone, which one would you recommend?


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