From a product management perspective, interaction design must create a great user experience. UX Magazine has an interesting article about some of the myths that exist around designing for mobile devices. In a nutshell the myths discussed by the author, Linda Matthews are as follows: Myth #1 – Mobile Devices are Used on the Go […]

This is a fun video by Rachel Bloom…kind of crazy but funny. Thanks to my son for showing it to me. I try to keep in touch with what younger people are watching, if you are interested in doing that too, here is the video:

Image of headstone with QR code

Twenty-three years ago, in 1989, my favourite Canadian director Atom Egoyan released a film, Speaking Parts, in which cemeteries had T.V. screens where you could watch a video of the deceased person. You could have a ‘richer user experience’ than just visiting a headstone. I remember thinking that this was a harbinger of things to […]

Image of justice

I was listening to the radio this morning and learned about Jimmy Wales‘ efforts to stop the extradition of UK citizen Richard O’Dwyer to the US to face criminal charges in relation to alleged copyright infringement. A related article “Wikipedia’s founder calls for Richard O’Dwyer extradition to be stopped“, was posted in The Guardian this […]

My dogs are like serial killers of their toys. Check out the crime scene I discovered surrounding the toy monkey we gave them for Christmas. The dismembered arm The mangled body The corpse laid out

Image of hot dog man

The first thing I noticed is that their eyes point in the same direction and they both give off a plastic, evil vibe. Would you trust this barbie? This is the first Barbie…I saw an exhibit of old Barbies in a US  museum while on a business trip…trust me, she is even creepier in real […]

Image of Question graffitti

ICANN accepts applications for over 2000 new domain name extensions (suffixes) On June 13, 2012, ICANN released information about new extensions that take the domain name space in a new direction beyond the current easily recognizable spaces such as dot-com (.com), dot-org (.org) or our beloved country code dot-ca (.ca). ICANN tried this in the […]

Image of shiny toothpaste boxes

The toothpaste boxes were sooo shiny. I wish my teeth would shine as much as these boxes. Were they too shiny? Shiny toothpaste boxes background music video for your listening pleasure.

I created a short video about social media and digital storytelling. This is my first video, so I am still learning, but I think you might find it informative nonetheless.

Image of a girls with a ribbon in her hair

In previous posts, I mentioned that I like Harvard Business Review blog and a Google Alert (“Social Media”, News) as some of my favourite sources for gathering social media news. Nonetheless, I can’t resist a few honourable mentions for some other great sources: CBC’s “Under the Influence” Six Pixels of Separation Beth’s Blog Brass Tack […]